Why Drive when you can Ride

Tena Simmons – El Monte, CA

People think I am a bit weird because I learned how to drive, and passed with flying colors, but I’ve never owned a car. I’ve always either walked, ran, bused, or bicycled my to where ever I am going. I owe it all to my mother; she used to take myself and my 7 bothers and sisters on long walks everyday, Back than when we were living in rural Kansas the country side always gave us something to see. After that I was hooked, and even after we moved to California and still took us on walks I found plenty of beauty to look at in the cityscapes as well. I just like being outdoors, walking or riding along feeling the wind in my hair, being able to stop and really take something in, rather than zoom by it in a blink. It also gives me great pleasure to know that by riding my bike, which I now do daily (10 mile round trip to work 5 days a week) is helping the environment, not mention the heath benefits I get out of it. I’ve been doing this for 51 years now and I plan on doing it as long as my feet can carry me.

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