White Girl Love

Natalie Kidd – Raleigh, NC

White Girl Love

My grandmother passed away and left me some money to enjoy.  I had $200 saved up for a bike so far, so I decided I’d get a brand new bike!

I went to All Star Bike Shop in Cary and she was the first one I tried out: white, male small frame (long torso here), specialized hybrid…then they put woman’s seat on her for me…it was white.  Then I got a white helmet to match her.  Within 24 hours, she became: WHITE GIRL. 

She now has a white brain (cyclometer) as well and we are inseparable.  She takes me to class, the grocery store, the new Hunt library at NCSU, and she goes with me on frequent trips to the beach. 

Our most intimate trips are when we explore the Capital Greenway System, which has now been posted on my wall in my room.

My greatest cheers are when we get to the tops of some gnarly hills and because of her 27 gears, I’ve never had to stop & get off!  When we make it to the top I cheer out “YEA WHITE GIRL!!” Yes, there are people around, and yes they may think I’m crazy…but I’m just crazy in love 🙂

I never refer to her as “my bike” & my friends know who I’m referencing when I say “White Girl”. Even the folks at the All Star Bike Shop in Ridgewood shopping center know who she is when she comes in for maintenance.

White Girl and I are so in love forever, she’s the best, sexiest, solid piece of metal a girl could every want.

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