'Touring' on My Most Prized Possession With Dad & Brother

My Ross Apollo 5 Speed was handed down to me from my older brother, Kristian. If you remember, it was the grand prize given away on the TV show, Wonderama, so it was extra special at the time. I was really into biking – taught myself to ride when I was 5 by coasting down our driveway. This particular bike was what I rode on some of the first “tours” my dad would take my brother and I on. Touring like that with my dad and brother as a 12 year old was magical. The attached photo is from one of the first tours we took in Lubec, Maine, 1977. I eventually handed it down to my little brother, Clifford. Unfortunately, a couple of years later, I borrowed it back one day to ride to the mall in Stamford CT. As I waited in front of the mall for my brother to catch up, a couple of older kids approached me with a can of mace and told me to get off my bike. As I watched in disbelief the two thieves riding away (together) on my bike, laughing and waving, I knew little brother wouldn’t be happy!

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