My bike let me ?walk’ with my husband again.

Nancy Schneider – Newport Coast, CA

My bike let me ?walk' with my husband again.

A few years ago, I had foot surgery that did not allow me to go on walks with my husband. He always loved riding a bike, in fact, when we met, I didn't know he owned a car because he commuted to work by bke. Fast forward many years later, my surgery forced me into working out with little weight bearing excercise such as biking and swimming. Because I wanted to be outside with him in our beautiful California weather, I decided to try spinning classes to get stronger and prepare me for outside biking. He gave me a recumbent trike and it allowed me to go anywhere and any number of miles. We started riding 5 miles together, then 10, then 20, then 40 and more. It is our wonderful time together. We stop off and enjoy the scenery and have lunches or go on biking weekends staying at beautiful hotels. For our 25th anniversary, we rode our bikes to Santa Barbara which was a 4 day ride and stayed in lovely hotels and had great dinners. Biking allowed me to "walk" with husband again.

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