More people need to share the road

Kenneth Linning – Irondale, GA

I’ve been riding bicycle since the forth grade. When I was overseas in the military, I enjoyed riding my bicycle in the city as well as the countryside. The europeans have a love affair with cyclists. I now ride bicycle for the GA chapter of MS in Atlanta Metro. Last year in March during my preparation for the event in September I was finishing up a ride when I was sideswiped by an SUV. I was on the shoulder of the road to the outside of the white line, not in the designated area for cars. I was fortunate that only the mirror of the vehicle hit me which was torn form the door. I sustained lacerations to my left arm and my left knee sustained brusing. It took 25 stitches to close the wound. I rode in the MS bike ride in September and I’m in training to ride this year as well. I will be in my 12th year riding for MS and I’m not deterred by in incident. I desire that more people will share the road and be more cautious when approaching cyclists.

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