Many bikes, one life

Michael Hackett – Metaire, LA

Many bikes, one life

I have been riding a two wheel bike since I graduated from a three wheeler. What age that was I don’t know. I remember learning to ride a two wheeler in a ditch since I was too short to touch the ground on flat land. I’ve been riding ever since.

When we go to the beach, the bike goes too. Daily I ride to YMCA to work out, bout 6 miles. Many times in evening I will take a ride to the levee since we have a path on Lake Ponchatrain for about 16 miles.

My grandchildren love the bike trailer.

I ride because I love it. I use it to go to dentist, bank, to take car for oil change and any other time I can.

So out of my 75 years I guess I have been riding about 63 of them. The picture is grandsons new helmet….

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