Love at First Bike

mich lennon – charleston, SC

I guess i’ll start when I received my first by for my 7th birth day I was crying laughing and couldn’t get the ear to ear smile off of my face, It was the happiest I think I could be for one particular moment I just knew somehow that this machine was important the chains that bind me to my home were broken I could finally go see the world even if it was at that time in my like a three block radius from my home and only the coolest kids rode there bike to elementary school luckily my school was within the radius or i’d be taking the bus like everyone else. Now I can’t stop wanting to go further i’m aspiring to take a bike trip from Charleston around the country coast to coast back to Charleston Ive been checking into the Adventure cycling association maps and think I’ve planned a pretty cool route. In the mean time i’m just riding a lot and taking small tours around south carolina and working on my website it needs a lot of work but I share the same outlook and passion for all bike and bikers and trying to help my own community of Charleston SC have safer ways to bike the city cause right now its a mess. Thanks for reading my little story and if you have any advise, pointers, info on how to get closer to going on my dream trip maybe I could help in the process by spreading the word. twitter – @m7lennon

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