It’s a love hate relationship

Doug Syrjala – Marquette, MI

It's a love hate relationship

I've had bikes my entire life. Weather it be on an Elf double cross racing BMX or my Fisher pushing it to the limit in a cycle cross race. either way being on a bicycle has always giving me some sense of freedom. Self sustaining power produced by you and you alone.
A lot of us don't seem to realize how much a bicycle is a part of our souls and makes us who we are. Weather we know it or not, our bike is our best friend. We could be knee deep in snow in Alaska on a fat tire or ripping the streets of downtown Portland on a single speed (both of which are amazing by the way) but our bike(s) will never give up. When you're screaming at the top of your lungs because you just slipped a pedal and smashed your shin, you might look at your bike and say, "ahh, stupid bike" or "its these dumb pedals". It will never yell back nor will it care what you said. It will just keep on keepin on and taking you to parts of the world that cannot be seen in a car or from an airplane. It wil always continue to help you get healthy and keep this world just a little bit cleaner 1 pedal stroke at a time. Your not only helping yourself youre helping everyone around you breath easy.
I sold my jeep 15 months ago and its been the most interesting an amazing ride of my life. Not owning a vehicle at first is like losing 1 of your legs. but once you realize, once you can grasp what its all about you will then understand in your own way, why people say they LOVE there bike. You are with it through anger, sadness, happiness, ect.. your bike wilk never leave you and will always take you healthier, happier parts of life. Im not saying sell your car, Im just saying buy a bike, give it just one chance and see where it will take you. Im not saying you should take your bike on a date to the movies, although that would be highly weird and I'm sure something that no one has ever done before, I don't recommend it.

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