I’m an addict, but it’s not what think

Kim Southwick – Boston, MA

I'm an addict, but it's not what think

I’m a drug addict and I have no intention of quitting. But I’d like to cut back a bit, so I ride my bike.

I ride every day, to and from work, and on weekends too. I love to ride my bike, but I have to ride because of my addiction… you see, I’m a type 1 diabetic. I’m addicted to insulin, not because I like what it does for me (though I do), but because without it I will die.  

My rides are part of my medicine. They help bring my blood sugar numbers into non-diabetic range and that will help me stave off complications. Diabetes is not fun, but bike riding is, and that’s a joy when you live with a disease that has the chance to take so much from you.  

I can’t quit my drug habit because there is no cure.  Until it’s found, I use my rides to help me cut back on how much insulin I have to use each day.  And it works.

I ride with type 1 diabetes, and my rides are part of why I’m living so well with this horrible disease.  


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