I Won it from a boring adult television program

Jay Gieringer – Basalt, CO

My first bike came to me uniquely and unexpectedly. I grew up in rural Ohio near the Indiana border. There was a local television personality in Cincinnati, Bob Braun, popular with the at-home mothers due to his noon timeslot. My mother took my brother and I (reluctantly) with her to a live studio broadcast of The Bob Braun Show one day. The studio had 3″” x 5″” cards with the names of each person in the studio audience. During a commercial break they would pull a card from the hopper and have give-away items from local businesses – my name was drawn!

Going home with me that day was a Campus Green Schwinn Fastback complete with banana seat, sissy bar and 5-speed Stik-shift mounted on the top tube. It also had tassels sticking out of the grip ends but, as any young man would do, I pulled those out and tossed them in the trash barrel immediately. While I was taken, against my wishes, to a boring adult television program – it is still a wonderful and memorable time in my life and I still ride today.

The photo is one I found on the internet but is an exact depiction of my first bicycle. I wish I had kept it over the years…

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