I ride because it makes me happy

Marissa Hossick – Bend, OR

I ride because it makes me happy

I’ve always enjoyed bike commuting.

We used to live in an area of town that was close to everything. I could drop the kids off at day care on my way to work. My commute was through neighborhoods and the city park. Then we moved to an area of town that was farther from things. The thought of getting my two kids to pre-school then get to work without it taking forever and being covered in sweat was daunting. Being a mom to these two kids takes all the energy I have most days. I rarely have extra energy for biking.

Enter my Yuba Mundo E-Bike. Problem solved! I can get my two kids on the bike with me and easily get them to school, get myself to work, pick up groceries and whatever with this bike. I’m getting exercise and am beating traffic. My town, Bend, Oregon, has recently put in more bike lanes and I can even ride a couple of off road trails as a part of my commute.

My kids notice more and interact more. They get to see ducks and birds, rather than just other cars. They wave at other commuters and construction workers. They sing songs together.

It’s been pretty amazing!

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