I plan to ride until I can’t mount up.

Dale Newby – Oklahoma City, OK

I plan to ride until I can't mount up.

I remember my first bike, but the one that really made me like cycling was a Takara road bike that I got when I was 14. My mom and dad bought used for me at Coy’s, the local bike shop (no longer here these days), and I had promised to mow the lawn all summer without whining, or argument (a promise I broke, but not badly when my parents offered the option of selling the bike). That was one of the tallest bikes I’d ever seen. The guy at Coy’s said it had a 25 inch frame. I was a tall kid by then, but not quite THAT tall. I remember having to get on the last stepp to the front porch, or the curb to mount up, but once I got going, that bike rode so smoothly, and shifted so smoothly, I loved it. I eventually grew into the bike, and rode it hard, and rode it everywhere. It had Suntour components, a Pletscher rack and kickstand on it when I got it. I rode that bike all over town and carried lots of stuff on it. I lost it when I moved from a house and forgot to get it, and when I went back, the house was locked up and the bike was gone. Now, I have a Cannondale Synapse 61cm, shoes, pedals, the whole deal, and I’m trying to work up to my first century ride. I also have a Gravity Newton that I have a rack and pannier bags on, that I use for grocery shopping, and commuting the 6 1/2 miles to work. I’ve always loved cycling, but what got me back into it was having COPD from having been a 4 pack a day smoker before quitting. It will be 14 years this August since I’ve had a cigarette. I hope to do my first century ride sometime in August. I plan to ride until I die, or can’t mount up. Hopefully the former.

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