From running to riding and everything in between

Kevin Pagliaro – Middletown, PA

From running to riding and everything in between

I have been riding for over three months, from a hybrid to badass road bike. I was a hardcore runner (and still believe am) that was injured enough to where I needed to take a few months off. The months stretched on with the injury lingering and my wife offered the suggestion to start riding a bike. Off I went to the local bike shop, purchased a hybrid and on the road for 6-8 miles on day one. Liked it BUT it was not running, soo I needed to push myself faster and further to achieve the exertion I had while running. After a month, I knew I needed a true Road Bike….

Love the solitude and experience of rushing past farm pastures and scenic hills and struggling up 10% grades only to reach the top and inhaling the accomplishment…

Love the ride.

Love the loneliness


Now if only I can go for a run too…

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