Finally time to get my very first ?Big Boy Bike?

Peter Holben – Littleton, CO

Finally time to get my very first ?Big Boy Bike?

After learning how to ride my brother’s bike, it was finally time to get my very first “Big Boy Bike.” I was so excited to be a 10 year old grown-up! Back then all the cool kids could ride no handed, which became a mandatory criteria for my new bike.

Searching the classifieds,  I found the love of my life near Wash Park in Denver. When I showed up to look at the bike, the front wheel was off and I was astonished to watch the owner fasten the quick-release wheel using only her bare hands! I put on my biking gloves & helmet, which I remember the lady giggling at, and as I rode I could just barely reach the pedals. But it had everything I could have ever dreamed of and more; for $125 this 1996 Specialized Ground Control became my very first big boy bicycle! I was so excited!

Since then I have ridden this bike around the neighborhood countless times, down hills, and over mountain ranges. With a “”specialized”” place in my heart, this is my only bike to have survived the gauntlet of college and has seen six different countries through extended touring experiences. Although I have replaced every single part aside from the frame itself, the spirit of this bicycle lives on even as I ride it through the White Rim Trail in Utah as pictured.

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