…Even if you?re riding along with some stinky boys

Jillian Cooper – Evansville, IN

...Even if you?re riding along with some stinky boys

“was about to turn 6 years old when I got my first bike. It didn’t take me long to ask my parents to take off the training wheels. My older brother will admit it hurt him to see me riding my two-tired, no training wheeled, coaster break bicycle before he could ride his successfully. However, I also remember being his cheerleader as he learned to ride without training wheels and soon we were both on our way.
There was a family of brothers who lived down the street, so I was the only girl in our unofficial bike club, but I would go on bike adventures with them anyway. Nothing was going to stop me from pumping my scrawny legs up and down the pavement. Secretly, I think I enjoyed being the only girl. I thought I was pretty tough stuff.
My first bike presented me with many scraped knees and palms but it taught me some valuable life lessons; If it’s hard to achieve, it’s worth it; if you can help others achieve, you should do it; and if you enjoy the ride don’t give up, even if you’re riding along with some stinky boys from down the street!

**This isn’t a picture of my first bike, but my current mountain bike. We rode along the Outer Banks in Topsail, NC.

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