door to door

alonzo ziv mandanna – denali park, AK

door to door

When my car was totaled in 2003, I replaced it with a bike. Now it is 2013 and I still don’t have a car and I DON’T need one. Although, I admit at times, it is difficult when living 117 miles away from the nearest reasonably-priced grocery store. Over the years, I have gotten around via my feet, bikes, packrafts, hitch-hiking, friends, buses, planes, trains, tuk-tuks and bike taxis, one in particular, who with a little convincing let me peddle the taxis (I damn near wrecked us in Delhi).

I recently purchased a cross-country touring bike, one that was made when I was six. The bike is a blast. I did my first multi-day bike trip this past summer around the interior of Alaska. The trip lasted 4.5 days and I ended up peddling 450 miles. Fun, painful and beautiful are a few of the many adjectives I would use to describe my trip, which started and ended at my door. There are many reasons I ride including raising awareness and support for diabetes, the simple act of the movement, the adventure, the simplicity of travel, to take my time, to push myself and to ride and support friends. I hope you get out, get on and get pedalin’ soon (even though that sounds cheesy).

P.S. You cannot see it too well, but do not be afraid of the mustache. Also on some days, pavement is a saving grace.

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