Deeper than just Muscle

Heather K – Saint Albans, WV

Deeper than just Muscle

I’ve ridden my bike everywhere for three years. It started when I needed a way to college, back in a darker day of my life and low on money.

After my life changed, and I had ways to get around, even the bus was an option, even having the money to get my own vehicle also owning a license (which I bought a violin instead), I chose to bike. It helped me mentally, it gave me time to think and work things out. It’s taught me to be more calm and patient, to appreciate all weather, and to give me endurance. It truly is about what our mind places values on, and what we choose to do. The only one holding us back is us.

My bike has also made me eat healthier, as what I put in my body affects my ride and how I feel- sluggish is no fun; stay away from junk like the plague! As I bike year round, West Virginia has four seasons well balanced out, I still seem to never get sick.

My bike has taught me a quick reaction, more awareness, a keen eye, and how to pack lightly.

My bike gives me a sense of peace and mad adrenaline all at the same time. It’s truly addicting and a lifestyle I refuse to give up at the barking of people telling me to get a car. If I were to be a burden and ask for rides, that’s different, but I’m not, and at the worst, I ride a bus, which I also enjoy, as my bike has me out in public to meet many as it is. The bus is just an extension of networking with new people! You learn so much when you’re not driving from box to box in your box haha.

For my creative sense, I rigged a strand of dance floor lights all over the frame that changes colors. I am well seen at night, along with my wheel brights too!

I ride in West Virginia, known as the most unsafe biking state. Oftentimes, there are no places to ride. You have to get creative, and then on top of that, there can be aggressive drivers who are ignorant of the biking laws here. But everyday is a new adventure nonetheless, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I average a good 95 miles a week or more. I still go on joy rides even though I commute a lot. I gain a lot of respect from the residence, and am well known. I have also inspired others to bike too. But it isn’t bragging, it is that I am wanting an example of a freeing and amazing lifestyle to spread… not to mention the freedom from bills. You’re body and mind will love you. You just have to see the good in biking and push the negative and crippling thoughts out. Build up, work up, and set an example for your town!

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