Dad found it at the junk yard

Fred Holland – Oklahoma City, OK

My first bike came to me in 1966. Dad had found it at the junk yard. It was a Schwinn Stingray style bike that he had to rebuild to get to work. It was a hard time for us so we made due. He got some dark blue paint and a couple of days later I had a new bike. It really was freedom. To be able to go(once I got my balance) even if it was just three houses up the street and back. Looking back I don’t think I ever said thank you for that bike. I probably didn’t understand what it meant to not be able to buy a new bike for his kid. Or how much love went into that old bike to make it work for me. I could not have known what a lifelong love of cycling would be instilled in me by that blue one speed bike with coaster brakes. Dad is gone now, as is that bike, but I would still like to say “Thanks dad. You did it right.”

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