Cyclist for life!

Michael Ramer – Escondido, CA

Cyclist for life!

I have had more gym memberships than I can count. Didn’t work for me.

Once, back in the mid-80s, a freind loaned me his Stumpjumper. Wow. 18-speeds. Super low gearing. I sought out the steepest hills I could find, and was amazed at what I could do and where the bike could take me. I was hooked. That was 25 years ago.

Bicycling is fun, you’ll meet some really cool, like-minded people on your bike and create great memories.

Flashing down your favorite trail on a mountain bike.

Or maybe a silent spin on the road bike out to some new undiscovered back country road.

Or maybe just zipping around the city. It’s all good.

I’m pretty sure that my bike collection rivals the value of my car. You could say that I have my priorities in order.

I may be 53, but I refuse to grow up.

The photo is of me (with bolts on my head) and my friends during the Midnight Madness bike ride in San Diego, 2006. Good times!

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