Cycling for you name it!

Suzie Easter – Glendale, AZ

Cycling for you name it!

Cycling has so many applications. I cycle for exercise to build up my leg muscles and so that I can eat what I like, for a natural high, to maintain sanity, to travel to the grocery or other location, to collect aluminum cans and other metals for recycling, and for fun.

My legs have always been pretty thin and shapeless so biking really helps with that. My legs finally have some definition. I like to eat real ice cream, pizza, and other yummy foods so this helps keep me from getting overweight.

It’s a great natural high generated by the feel of the air and the momentum of the ride. It’s very refreshing to be outside and moving, and it is a stress reliever.

What a great way to make quick trips to the grocery or other location. In some cases I can get to locations more quickly on my bike because of the bike ways here in AZ. Many of the bikeways go under bridges so there is no traffic issue. I have a nice basket on the back of my bike for carrying whatever I buy.

Finally, I collect metals for recycling like my dad has done for most of his life. He takes the metals to be recycled and gets some $$ for it too! We’re also helping to make our environment look nicer.

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