Bob Messier – Derry, NH


I have always loved to ride but it now has a different meaning. I started riding in the Pan Mass Challenge in 2006 and that really started me off. Before that, my average for the year might be around 2,000 miles and that is if it was a good year. Now if I don’t ride over 4,000m miles, I feel lost. Last year I retired and this year has been crazy. I have already put on more than 3,800 so far and didn’t go on many rides last month. In August I took a trip with my wife to Alaska to be in my son’s wedding party. So that month I didn’t ride for 23 days. I finally got back to NH and hoped on the bike. I did a 22 mile ride and thought I was going to die.

The main reason I ride is to make sure that every year when I do the PMC, I will be in the best shape I can. At age 68, I’m not sure how many more long rides I have in me, but as long as the legs keep going I will be on my bike. Safe ride to all.


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