Because I hate to drive

Tommy Short – Olathe, KS

Because I hate to drive

I ride every chance I get. I’m lucky enough to live close enough to my work to make it so that riding actually only adds a few minutes to my commute, but I arrive much more refreshed and focused. In addition, I’m not burning through gas money just to get to the place that generates the cash to fill my tank(s). 

We have four kids and they are realizing that anywhere we need to go, we can go to on a bike. Our youngest (now 8) is even wanting to take a grand adventure that racks up miles to see new places, as long as we ride our bikes. Going to the pool, park and grocery store are now reasons to hop on our bikes and ride. No radio, no chance to be on electronics, just some time on our bikes, riding and talking and *seeing/experiencing” the city we live in and the people that populate in in ways that a car does not provide. 

We have our own power to move?cars have made us lazy and impatient, and ignorant of the scenes that fly by as we drive to our next destination. Even hearing the high grass blow in the wind and suddenly grow quiet as we match the wind speed on our bikes is reason enough to ride more! 

That is my reason. I love my bikes and look forward to the next ride.

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