2000 miles or bust

Harvey Biender – Highwood, IL

2000 miles or bust

Except for one year in the 90's when it snowed every other day in December and in 2008, I have pedaled at least 2000 miles every year for the past 22 years.

Meeting other bikers along the way reaffirms the kindness of strangers and puts me into serene, stress free places all the time.

Perhaps what is most amazing is the number of beautiful spots one can find virtually anywhere.

My favorite ride so far was a four-day solo trip from Highland Park, IL to Door County a couple years ago.  280 relatively easy miles in 4 days, hundreds of pictures and tons of amusing moments, I would encourage biking enthusiasts to plan longer, slower vacations.

Google bike maps and biking clubs makes the routing relatively easy if occasionally imperfect.  (Who knew there really was a nuclear plant at the end of Nuclear Rd?)  Be sure to carry empty trash bags so you can make this a cleaner planet for others!

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