Say no to bike tariffs

In June, the federal government proposed increasing tariffs on electric bicycles imported from China by 25 percent.

In early July, the administration released a new proposal that would increase the tariff on nearly every other bicycle, component and accessory imported from China by 10 percent. The proposal includes items like chains, rims, spokes, pedal, breaks — even helmets.

On July 31, the administration announced that they are considering increasing the proposed tariff on bicycles, components and accessories to 25 percent.  If implemented, this tariff could increase duties on the bike industry by an estimated $250 million.

If these changes are approved, most bicycles and bike products sold in the United States will become significantly more expensive.

Higher taxes that lead to higher prices will make it more expensive for Americans to buy bicycles. Whether you use bikes to commute to your job, to ride to school or to get outside and exercise, you’ll feel the effects of these tariff increases.

Use the form at right to tell your members of Congress that you oppose new tariffs on bikes.

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