Retailer Membership

As any rider knows, bike shops are the hub of the cycling community. They are the hub of the PeopleForBikes community too—that’s why we’re looking for more stores to become official PeopleForBikes Retailers. You don’t have to be a bike shop to join: pro-bike coffee shops, breweries, and other establishments are welcome too. If your customers care about better biking, we want you.

What it means to be a PeopleForBikes Retailer

Community connections are important to us. As a PeopleForBikes Retailer, you can help us grow our movement and connect our supporters. There are three key ways you can help:

1) Ask your customers to join PeopleForBikes

Use the paper pad supplied to sign up people at your store. Send us completed sheets so we can add new members to our list.

2) Ask your customers to donate to PeopleForBikes

Every dollar donated makes your ride better. Join our Retail Roundup program, and ask your customers to round up their purchase to the next dollar with a donation to PeopleForBikes. Email Zoe Kircos at [email protected] for more information.

3) Promote PeopleForBikes through your marketing efforts

Help get the word out about our movement by sharing information about PeopleForBikes on your social media accounts. If you’d like to add our logo to your shop shirts or jerseys email Sarah Braker at [email protected]

What’s in it for your business

We know it takes effort to promote PeopleForBikes. Here’s why it’s worth it to you:

1) You’re bringing reinforcements to the fight for better biking

The more riders who join PeopleForBikes, the more power we have when we take action to defend or improve bicycling. Millions of Americans ride bikes, but only a fraction have been connected with an advocacy group. We’re changing that by offering individual riders a simple and easy way to get involved. A larger army means more bike paths, lanes, trails and pro-bike policies.

2) You’re making bicycling better in your own community.

The donations you collect from your customers will leverage industry funds and go back to worthy projects in your own community.

3) We’ll promote your business to our members

Once you become a PeopleForBikes retailer, we’ll feature you on our Get Local page, directing our supporters in your state to your store.

What we send you

We send every PeopleForBikes retailer buttons, stickers and info cards for customers to take, a sign-up pad to collect names, and a supporter sticker to indicate your membership.

If you need refills of your supplies or additional kits, email [email protected] or call us at 303.449.4893.