To remain globally competitive, the bicycle industry relies on pro-growth policies and reforms that help remove barriers to expansion. PeopleForBikes supports federal policies that create an even playing field, trade agreements that are fair to the entire industry, tax policy that incentivizes growth, and an increase in effective industry data.

E-Fairness – Online retailers are not required to collect sales taxes that their brick and mortar counterparts are required to collect placing independent brick and mortar bicycle retailers at a disadvantage. PeopleForBikes supports a level playing field by ensuring sales taxes are collected on online purchases.

Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Р PeopleForBikes supports passage of a miscellaneous tariffs bill to provide tariff relief for a wide variety of products, including a number of bicycle-related products, through a miscellaneous tariffs bill. The International Trade Commission has reviewed products that would be eligible for tariff relief as part of a miscellaneous tariffs bill and submitted its final report to Congress. Based on the recommendations made by this report Congress now must pass legislation to provide tariff relief or reduction for three years.

PHIT Act – Numerous studies demonstrate the connection between greater physical activity and improved health. Bicycling is a great form of exercise. The PHIT Act takes steps to build prevention into our health care by making physical activity expenses, including the purchase of bicycles and their components, eligible for reimbursement through a pre-tax medical account.

E-Bikes РElectric bicycles, or e-bikes, are the fast growing segment of the bike industry. However, many of our federal, state, and local policies governing their use are outdated. We work to update traffic laws and policies governing our public lands to integrate this new and fast growing category into our national laws. In just 2.5 years, we have expanded the reach of our model electric bicycle to cover 25% of the U.S. population.

Offices of Outdoor Recreation – States across the U.S. are realizing that the recreation economy provides substantial benefits to local communities, jobs and tax revenue. Governors and state legislatures are now formalizing government positions dedicated to advancing the outdoor recreation industry in their states. PeopleForBikes works with partner organizations to advance these initiatives.