CityBuilders Symposium | June 4-8, 2018 | The Netherlands

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Reading and Viewing

The Rise of Protected Bike Lanes in the U.S. (4 minute film)

How the Dutch Got their Cycle Paths (6 minute film)

Can a National Movement for Protected Bike Lanes Push Cycling into the Mainstream?, by Dana Henry

A Look into the City Center or Utrecht (5 minute film)

The Rise of the North American Protected Bike Lane, by Angie Schmitt

The Complete Business Case for Parking Removal: collection of studies

Bicycle Cultures are Man-made, by  Marc van Woudenburg

Dutch Junction (Intersection) Design (4 minute film)

Want Better Streets in America? Go to Denmark

World Transport Policy & Practice 13.3: At the Frontiers of Cycling

Why the Streets of Copenhagen and Amsterdam Look so Different from Ours, from Sarah Goodyear


Big Jump Project Resources

Protected Bike Lane Facts and Stats

Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business (free download)

Building Equity: Race, ethnicity, class and protected bike lanes (free download)

Urban Cycling Institute (University of Amsterdam)

Dutch Cycling Embassy

Thematic Video Index of all thing Dutch Cycling from Bicycle Dutch