Member Benefits

Thanks for joining PeopleForBikes (or for renewing your coalition membership). We’re excited to have you on board. Check out this one-pager, which describes how PeopleForBikes’ membership is good for your business. Want some copies for your office? Email [email protected] and we’ll send them your way.

If you’re new to the Coalition we have some simple next steps to help you make the most of your membership. You will soon be receiving a new member box in the mail. Read on for what to expect and how to make the most of what we send you.

In your member box there are two postcards. One is about BikesPAC, PeopleForBikes’ Political Action Committee. With this ticket you are now eligible to attend invite-only events for bike industry leaders. Please give that one to your CFO and ask them to follow the instructions on the attached document. The other postcard is for your marketing team. It’s just a little reminder to use the smiing bike logo wherever and whenever possible. Broadcast your company’s pride in PFB by putting the logo on your website, packaging and products.

All that swag in the box? That’s for you to hand out around the office. If you need more just let us know. All we ask in return is that you hang the included poster in your break room. It’s the best way to explain to everyone what you get from your PeopleForBikes membership. And, tell your coworkers! If there are other people at your company who should sign up for PeopleForBikes (it’s free!) send them here.

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  • We just became a member of PeopleForBikes, joining other bike industry companies to get more people riding bikes more often. We know that better biking means better business. Learn more at
  • Visit to learn more about how the bike industry is coming together to make bicycling better across the U.S.


  • We just joined @PeopleForBikes to help get more people riding bikes more often. Learn more at
  • Check out @peopleforbikes to learn what the bike industry is doing to help make bicycling better across the U.S.

The rest is on us. We’ll keep you updated through our bi-monthly industry eNews, send you social media toolkits for our marketing campaigns and invite you to exclusive member-only events throughout the year. And we’ll keep working hard to make every bike ride better.

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