Fish and Wildlife Service e-bike rulemaking

The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is proposing new regulations to increase e-bike access on federal public lands. This would be accomplished by amending 50 CFR 27.31 to add definitions for the three classes of e-bikes, allowing FWS refuge managers to designate e-bike access on appropriate roads and trails, and applying the rules for bicycles to e-bikes when they are being used.

The proposed regulations and a summary can be found on our website.

We encourage you to submit a comment in support of these proposed new regulations by using this form. Consider customizing your comment with stories, data or anecdotes that are specific to your comments and your personal and/or professional experience with e-bikes. Remember to be respectful, specific and concise, explain the reason for any changes you recommend and, if possible, provide quantitative information or studies to support your comments and recommendations.