Comment on the U.S. Forest Service Proposed Electric Bicycle Policy

The U.S. Forest Service is proposing new policies that would update how electric bicycles should be managed on National Forest System lands.

If adopted, these changes to the Forest Service directives would mean that:

  • Electric bicycles are defined within the three class system.
  • Electric bicycles are still managed as motor vehicles. 
  • Land managers have the authority to designate electric bicycle use on trails where bicycles are allowed, but those trails would be redesignated as motorized, and only open to bicycles and all or some classes of electric bicycles. 
  • Land managers are encouraged to consider whether the effects of electric bicycle use are comparable to those of traditional bicycle use.
  • Future travel management decisions should consider emerging technologies like electric bicycles.

The proposed regulations and a summary can be found on our website.

We encourage you to submit a comment on these proposed changes by using this form. Consider customizing your comment with stories, data or anecdotes that are specific to your comments and your personal and/or professional experience with electric bicycles. Remember to be respectful, specific and concise, explain the reason for any changes you recommend and, if possible, provide quantitative information or studies to support your comments and recommendations.