Clean Cars 4 All Fact sheet

Program purpose: Reduce fleet emissions by getting newer, cleaner, and more efficient vehicles on the road. Reducing emissions from the existing fleet is a component of California’s State Implementation Plan for meeting air quality standards and supports its efforts to meet the State’s 2030 climate change goals. 

How you can qualify:

  • You must live in an air quality district that is enrolled in the program. Click here to find your air quality districts’ contact information.
  • You must either meet the income requirements or live in a disadvantaged community defined by your air quality district (e.g.: A family of three must make below a combined $85,320 annually).
  • Vehicle requirements are based on the air quality districts in which you live.

If you qualify for the program, you can receive a mobility voucher up to $7,500. This rate is flat for all income levels/household size and is dependent on the air quality districts.

How you can apply: Every air quality district varies in their eligibility process. Check with your local air quality district representative to see if your district is applicable and if you are eligible to apply. There are currently three districts enrolled in the Clean Cars 4 all Program (San Francisco Bay Area, South Coast, San Joaquin Valley) and one in the process (Sacramento).

Where the funding comes from: The Greenhouse Gas Reduction funds the program. The amounts that approved air quality districts will receive for 2019/2020 will be decided in October 2019. The greenhouse reduction fund received $903,726 in the 2019/2020 budget.