BPSA + PFB merger Information


Stronger together: One larger, unified organization


A joint letter to BPSA and PFB Coalition members regarding our merger

PeopleForBikes Coalition (PFBC) and Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA) both operate as nonprofit trade associations serving the bicycle industry. The work of our two organizations increasingly overlaps, nearly all of our goals are complementary, and we’ve developed a steady, productive partnership on crucial projects that boost the bike business.

Eighteen months ago, leaders of both organizations began discussing a full merger — a move envisioned to benefit all bike companies as well as bicycling overall. Earlier this year, after months of focused work on the practical and legal consequences of becoming a single group, we collectively decided to proceed. Our boards, senior staff and attorneys have met regularly to develop a new set of proposed bylaws and a merger plan to support a new, unified organization that will provide powerful, comprehensive representation and improved service to our industry.

Our merger plan was recently presented to the BPSA and PFBC boards. Both boards voted almost unanimously to approve the merger.

For the PFBC, no further approval steps are required. For BPSA, all members must now vote on the merger — the details of which are listed below. 

We support the merger for three key reasons:

  1. The Power of Unity
  2. A Time-Tested Partnership with Additional Potential
  3. PFBC + BPSA Membership Benefits = A Comprehensive Package of Business Benefits

We hope you will share our enthusiasm for the promise of this unifying move. It is timely, logical and efficient. We will be stronger together!

Best wishes and thanks,

Adam Micklin, Bicycle Product Suppliers Association
Tim Blumenthal, PeopleForBikes


BPSA + PFB Coalition Merger Timeline

  • The BPSA Board voted to approve the merger on April 4.
  • The PFB Coalition Board voted to approve the merger on April 8.
  • The BPSA member vote will begin April 11 at the BLC for companies who are present and the remainder of companies will be emailed an electronic vote afterward.
  • If approved, one combined organization will begin operations on July 1.


Why are BPSA and PFB merging?

A merged bicycle trade organization will benefit from the expertise of PeopleForBikes and BPSA professional staff, one combined strong financial backbone, and will continue to draw fully on the knowledge and volunteer commitments of bike industry leaders who serve on the BPSA board, traditional BPSA committees, as well as the PFBC board. The merger will streamline and strengthen our industry’s legislative, legal and research efforts. Our industry will speak to government leaders at all levels with a more powerful, unified voice that fully represents our multi-faceted business.


How will the combined organization be structured?

The current BPSA Board of Directors will continue to serve and meet (as the BPSA Trade Association Committee), as will all current BPSA committees. To assure continuity and strong support for BPSA work in the new organization, three additional current BPSA board members will be elected to serve on the PFB Coalition Board. These changes are described in the new organization’s bylaws.

The time-tested success of the BPSA can largely be attributed to the expertise and time investment of volunteer board members and committee members. All of these leaders will be given opportunities to continue to serve in the new organization (in partnership with the current PFBC staff and board).



What will happen to all the work BPSA does?

As illustrated by the diagram above, all committees and work will continue. We’re keeping all existing functions and adding staff power. The merged organization will continue to work on all current BPSA and PFB projects, tackle expanded opportunities and welcome new leaders from member companies.


How will member benefits change?

Pre-merger: When a bike business joins PeopleForBikes, your company becomes a supporter of improved bike infrastructure and pro-bike policies across the nation. PeopleForBikes manages federal, state and local policy and advocacy work, business networking and industry programs, plus marketing and communications efforts that encourage people to bike. When a bike business joins BPSA, your company receives trade and tariff representation, NPD sales data, discounted access to a standard bicycle owner’s manual and bike industry events, and professional guidance on industry recalls and other bike equipment issues being considered by the Consumer Product Safety Commission or state agencies.

Post-merger: When the BPSA-PFB merger goes into effect this summer, all of these efforts and benefits will combine. The professional staff depth of PeopleForBikes and BPSA will complement the volunteer bike industry expertise and leadership provided by BPSA board and committee members.


What about dues?

For the first year following the merger (beginning July 1), companies will pay what they paid during the previous 12 months (whether it was BPSA dues only, PFB dues only, or dues to both). Instead of receiving two separate invoices (or three, if a company also contributes to the BPSA e-bike fund), each company will receive one invoice and will remit payment to PFBC.

In year two, companies will be asked to make one combined membership dues payment according to a scale that is based on annual U.S. bicycle-related sales.  Most bike industry companies, especially those who have historically been PFB and BPSA members, will pay total dues that are similar to what they’ve paid in recent years.


Need more information?

If you have more questions about how this affects you, contact our Director of Membership and Development, Rod Judd.