Why we chose our cyclocross bikes

September 20, 2013

Adam & Lauren, PFB Crew West

Chasing rainbows in Nevada.

Adam and I have been on the road since April and have experienced rides that we only dreamed about. When we first left Texas, we stood in our bike room (yes, we have a bike room, but no kids yet so it works for now) and asked what bike should we take? This is also a question that we are often asked by fellow bike enthusiasts who stop by our tent. After much research and miles ridden, we decided on cyclocross (CX) bikes would be our steeds of choice. Only this was a sad day for me because I did not have one. So, of course, I had to get one!

If you’re not familiar with CX bikes, they look like road bikes but have knobby tires for mud, snow, sand, or whatever the course conditions might be. These bikes are perfect for us because we love to adventure around by bike and find ourselves riding in all types of conditions. I can’t tell you how many times we have decided to get lost for a couple of hours exploring areas while traveling the west coast. Our CX bikes have seen some miles over the past months in New Mexico, California, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho! We are also looking forward to some upcoming miles in Arizona as well!

Lauren’s first ride on her new cyclocross bike on Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO.

This morning we cruised our bikes downtown on the Boise greenlanes and then headed out for a ride up to Bogus Basin. In Utah, we joined a group ride with the Hincapie Development Team and afterwards played around at the Trailside Bike Park. We also raced our CX bikes in Park City at the Raleigh Midsummer Nights CX Race and Adam competed in a dual slalom race on his CX bike. And over this past weekend we watched as people took on Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a 100-mile gravel grinder on their CX bikes!

Crew West spent a Saturday night riding the trails at Trailside Bike Park in Park City, UT.

So to us, the CX is the most versatile bike out there that lets us do whatever we want while we are traveling the country. We are thankful for all of the adventures and are excited to see what types of bikes are your favorites to cruise around or take on vacation! Post your stories and a picture if you have one below!

If you are interested in more cyclocross action, check out one of our favorite video series called Behind the Barriers by Jeremy Powers.

Boarding the ferry in Washington for a ride to dinner.

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