We’ve got a few scholarships for June’s exciting PlacesForBikes conference

April 14, 2017

Smart bike believers from dozens of cities are meeting in the Madison, Wisconsin, this June for a first-of-its-kind event to talk frankly about the politics and policy of making biking better, faster.

Expect to meet politicians, city staffers, advocates and people from the local and national bike industry, all talking about common political goals and sharing lessons from their successes (and failures). Keynote speakers include green-jobs expert Van Jones, Indy Cultural Trail visionary Brian Payne, Los Angeles transportation director Seleta Reynolds and Trek CEO John Burke.

We’ve just lined up funding for a few discounts for the event, which is June 28-30.

We are providing five scholarships for the entire registration rate ($550) and 10 scholarships for $200 off of the $550 registration rate. There are no eligibility requirements, and anyone is welcome to submit an application.

To apply, please answer the following questions in 300 words or less (total, not per question) and submit your answers and resume to [email protected]:

  • How would you characterize your role in your community: elected official, city staff, funder, neighborhood leader, advocate, bicycle retailer, business leader, or??
  • Do you represent an underserved community or does your work address equity for underserved communities?
  • In your city, what is the most compelling story related to building great places for bikes, quickly; or speeding progress on connecting people by bike to education, employment, recreation, and transit?

Applications are due by April 28, 2017 and will be considered on a ?first received, first considered? basis.

Check out the conference program and registration page, and be sure to register by June 2. We look forward to welcoming you, too, in Madison this June.

PlacesForBikes helps U.S. communities build better biking, faster. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook or sign up for our weekly news digest about building all-ages biking networks. Story tip? Write [email protected]

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