Wanted: Six new trend-setting cities

August 8, 2013

Michael Andersen

The Green Lane Project is getting ready to welcome its next generation.

Separated bike facilities are becoming the new standard for cities that want to use bikes to make their streets more prosperous, comfortable, equitable and appealing. Yesterday, we broke the news that the federal government seems eager to climb on board. It’s a new era for bike infrastructure design in the United States, and we want to help your city race to the forefront.

A year and a half after we announced our first six focus cities to receive direct access to national and international street design experts, advocacy support and national attention around their development of physically separated bike lanes, the Green Lane Project is preparing to welcome its next class of cities that want to build dedicated, inviting spaces for people on their roadways. If this is something that might interest the team at your city, check out the details (and sign up to get more information) right here.

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