PeopleForBikes retailers in action: Colorado’s Elevation Cycles

April 23, 2014

by Mitch Marrison, PeopleForBikes retail program coordinator

Here at PeopleForBikes HQ, we have a little saying: our retailer supporters are key. Every day, they’re bringing more and more people to our movement and because of that, we can’t thank them enough. Because these bike shops play such an important role in the movement, we turn the tables once a month and let some our member shops talk about their store and what they’re doing to set themselves apart.

In the past, our friends over at Sunnyside Bicycles in Fresno, CA and Bikesport in Trappe, PA have lent us some insight into the inner workings of their shop and what they’re doing to help the PeopleForBikes movement. This month, we turned over the reins to a shop in our own backyard here in Boulder, CO and let Elevation Cycles‘ manager Chris Arterburn talk a little bit about who they are and how our mission fits into their business.

PeopleForBikes: Tell us a little bit about Elevation Cycles:

Chris Arterburn: Elevation Cycles: Boulder started in November 2012 when the owners of Elevation Cycles: Highlands Ranch purchased the Trek Store here in Boulder. Since then, we have continued the partnership with Trek and added Rocky Mountain Cycles into the mix as well. Our few areas of emphasis (mountain and women’s bikes) really shine through due to the strong support we receive. We are located just across from the University of Colorado so we also do a variety of commuter and campus bikes. Having the foothills of the Rocky Mountains right out our window certainly makes it hard not want to get out and ride every day! Currently we have 10 employees, most of which have prior industry experience.

How does PeopleForBikes fit into the overall goal of Elevation Cycles?

We find that the PeopleForBikes display, sign up pad, and signage at the front counter starts a great conversation.  A customer usually brings up “what is PeopleForBikes?” Well I’m glad you asked. They are the group responsible for making cycling safer all over the country. I really enjoy telling customers that PeopleForBikes is a great group of people right here in Boulder that is working hard with the bike industry and national government to keep bicycling relevant. This certainly also helps get my employees excited! As a store manager I know firsthand how having safe places to ride increases business that’s what we do; we sell fun. It’s much more fun to ride where it is safe than otherwise. Customers react well to this, and many are surprised that there is an organization fighting for bicyclists’ safety. Needless to say, we’re all more than willing to help out PeopleForBikes in any way that we can!

What do you have planned for Elevation Cycles in 2014?

We have big plans for 2014. We just opened our third store in downtown Denver that we’re all very excited for: It’s just down the street from Coors Field (where the Rockies play). Beyond that, we’re also a sponsor of the Sonic Boom Race team, which is also a PeopleForBikes team. As always, we’re planning on a stellar year here and many more to come!

A big thanks to Chris and the whole crew over at Elevation Cycles! Check out our Get Local map to see where the nearest PeopleForBikes retailer is to you! If your local bike shop isn’t a PeopleForBikes retailer, be sure to flood them with all the information you can about the retail program until they sign up. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it later. If you are a retailer or have any other questions about the program, send us an email at [email protected]

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