June 10, 2014

by Zoe Kircos, PeopleForBikes grants manager

Getting ready to ride the Wilson Pathway Extension.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite you to pause for a moment among news of protected bike lanes, brand new bike parks and revitalized BMX tracks to recognize and give a sincere thank you for that workhorse of bicycle infrastructure, the multi-use path.

You might know it as the trail that gets you from behind the shopping center to a quiet residential street, or the extra-wide sidewalk that links a much-used path to your favorite coffee shop, or just the nice, rolling trail next to a creek that you like to pedal with the kids on a Saturday afternoon. This is the facility that serves everybody — the walkers, the skateboarders, the kids on push bikes and their grandparents on cruisers.

Last month in Nampa, ID, they celebrated the opening of one of these not-so-fancy but oh-so-essential trails, the Wilson Pathway Extension. This new one-mile connector links the Wilson and Stoddard Pathways, allowing people to walk and bicycle off-road for eight miles and eventually get them to the downtown area.

Nampa Mayor Bob Henry cutting the ribbon to officially open the Wilson Pathway Extension!

When we funded this project last year, helping to provide some of the match for a Recreational Trails Program grant, we knew it was a good investment. This is the kind of project that garners support from individuals, businesses and government because it serves everybody, from toddler to senior. This is the path that you don’t know you want until it’s built and you are on it ALL the time.

Congratulations to the City of Nampa on the newest addition to their bicycle infrastructure! And thanks be to the multi-use path for the safety and ease it gives us on the way to the grocery store, a friend’s house or even out for coffee.

Multi-use trails are great for bicyclists, walkers and even scooters!

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