Lessons from the road

August 14, 2013

Adam & Lauren, PFB Crew West

The third member of the west coast crew, Andie, getting cozy in the back of the PeopleForBikes Jetta TDI Sportswagen.

Life on the road is an interesting thing. With each day very different than the last and each location different than the one before, it becomes very clear early on that there are some important lessons to be learned. A few weeks into our trip, we decided to keep a list of valuable, interesting, and fun lessons that we learned along the way.

1. The wind blows in Wyoming?a lot.
On a trip from Yellowstone back to Colorado, we decided to camp in a small town a few hours past Yellowstone. The evening seemed like it was going to be beautiful! Calm, clear skies with pleasant temperatures. We set up our tent, laid down to sleep. Then it happened. A huge gust of wind came through the campground without warning and covered us with a thick layer of dust. At first we were thinking it was just a one-time thing and we would be able to go right back to sleep. We were wrong. The second gust came through, then the third. To the point where the gusts turned into a steady, blistering wind. By now our tent had officially collapsed on top of us. So, we took our tired, dusty selves out of the tent, crammed everything back into the car and slept in the front seats. Moral of the story? Wyoming is a beautiful place, but if you plan on camping, come prepared.

2. Coffee.
Caffeine seems to be a necessary resource for almost everyone on a daily basis. But, on the road, it becomes a way to survive those long days and longer nights spent driving. We both love our espresso as much as the next guy, but it can get pricey when you find yourself buying a cup every few hours of the day. In an effort to find an effective, cheaper alternative, we came up with a pretty useful way to make your own coffee with a camp stove and water. Each hotel we stay in tends to have those single use coffee packets that have the filter wrapped around the coffee grounds, similar to your packages of Earl Grey. Boil your water, toss in the packet, and ta da! Practically free coffee! They work really well for camping too.

Adam, Lauren, and Andie taking a tour of Paul’s Components in Chico, CA. They love to visit businesses while on the road to spread the word of PeopleForBikes.

3. Doritos
Don’t buy a whole bag unless you are prepared to eat the whole bag.

4. Each place is beautiful. Enjoy it!
Constant travel can break you down if you let it. Another town, another event, another hotel room. What you can miss out on is the fact that each place has something wonderful to offer if you are willing to go look for it. Take the back roads. Stop to take a walk. Allow time for a ride as often as possible. Enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. We promise, you will be a happier traveler if you do.

The list could go on and on, but we certainly wouldn’t want to bore you. Plus, we bet there are things that you could add to this list yourself. So go ahead and let us know. What are some things you have learned while on the road?

Adam and Lauren try to stop and take in the scenery in each new town. Here is a view of the California coast.

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