How we fell in love with bikes: PFB crew west

May 10, 2013

Lauren and Adam, PFB crew west

adam and lauren
PFB crew west, Adam and Lauren Finck.

How I fell in love with bikes: Lauren
It was the summer of 2009 and I bought my first bike off craigslist. It was a mid 90’s Specialized Hardrock for $75 that my mom picked up for me in my hometown of Belton, Texas. When I got my hands on it I was super pumped and cleaned it up the best I knew how.

I rode that little bike everyday to work at the Texas Tech Aquatic center and thought it was awesome. My commute to work started around 5:30 am, in the pitch-black starry sky, sometimes needing a jacket even though it was summer in Lubbock and would most likely reach 100 degrees at some point in the day. It did not take long for me to get to work, but as the summer wore on I felt the need to purchase my second bike.

This time I went for a road bike set up thinking that I could go faster and maybe even compete in a triathlon towards then end of summer. I did go faster, not because of the bike, but because with the purchase of a road bike a friend explained to me the importance of airing up your tires every ride. Looking back on it, I never once aired up my tires on my Hardrock? woops, now I know better.

Racing road bikes in Texas.

I enjoyed riding my bike with friends and making a lot of new friends. It made me feel like a little kid out on an adventure everyday. Shortly after the summer, I would again purchase a new road bike, a full carbon road bike with SRAM Force components (I learned the lingo as well). I did all of the research this time and with advice from the Texas Tech’s Cycling Team president I went all in with plans to race for the team the following spring. That Christmas, Santa brought me a trainer for winter workouts, which I loved riding even though I fell off of it twice in the same session?I don’t even know how that happened, but it did.

Mountain biking with a friend.

I feel as though I have come a long way since then, but still have a lot of room for improvement. A rough road ride or an all girls riding trip have shown me that riding your bike is more than riding your bike. We all have a memory of our experiences and these memories add up until you realize riding your bike is not a memory it’s a real thing that you look forward to daily. It’s a way for people to let go and go back a few years to the times where we were all free to race down the sidewalk giggling as your parents let go of your seat. For me, riding my bike is more than getting somewhere; it’s a time to share with Adam, family and friends and if we are lucky sometimes it ends in the parking lot with a nice home brew and an embarrassing story.

How I fell in love with bikes: Adam
I suppose that in order to give you an idea of how I got into cycling, I should first let you know about a previous career of mine. There was a stage in my life that I was a professional athlete. For about five years, I traveled much of the southern US in pursuit of making it as a pro motocrosser? a career that requires a large amount of fitness and takes a heavy toll on your body. Through years of racing, my body had finally come to a point to where I needed to find alternative means of training to maintain fitness. Who knew that, out of necessity, I would discover a hobby that has become an integral part of my life at the personal and professional level.

Adam in his motocross days.

While out running errands with my dad one day, we decided to make a stop at a local bike shop; a small little shop that could be easily missed if you weren’t looking for it. We walked in with no intention of buying a bike, and walked out with the first taste of my future. A bright orange and black Trek 1000. I remember liking the look of it in the sunlight, almost as if the colors would explode off of the frame as soon as the suns rays hit it. I remember riding that thing everywhere! It was exciting to be able to get somewhere under my own power and seeing the look on people’s faces when they realize that you have travelled that distance without the use of a car.

From then, things began to move closer to the life of a cyclist, and further from that of motocrosser until finally I retired from racing motorcycles all together. Mountain biking, cyclocross, road biking, and riding to work were simply too much fun to me! In fact, cycling has become so ingrained into my lifestyle that you could say it was what brought me to meet my best friend; my wife, Lauren. Perhaps more on that at another time.

Enjoying another type of knobby, two-wheeled riding.

What I find so fascinating about biking is that everyone has a story about how they got involved? And most times, it’s a good story. Some are stories of a pursuit to become healthier. Some tales are of a completely new trajectory in life. Some stories are simply about dumb luck and circumstance, while others are of sheer triumph over addiction. We all have a story that gives reason to our love for bikes. So what is yours? We would love to hear about it. I’m willing to bet it’s a good one.

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