Get the most out of your National Bike Challenge rides on these mountain bike trails

August 27, 2015

Leslie Kehmeier, mapping manager, IMBA

It’s almost the end of summer?and the final month of the National Bike Challenge. Now is the time to get out and log as many miles as you can before September 30, and why not do that while exploring some new trails on your mountain bike? With the help of the MTB Project, we found some of the best places to ride across the country. Take advantage of these last few summer (and Challenge) weeks and get out on one of these mountain bike trails.

Pacific Northwest

The Mackenzie River Trail is a bucket-list ride for anyone who loves mountain biking. It’s one of many beautiful rides in the Pacific Northwest, featuring lush green old-growth forests.


The Hawes Trail Network, located on the east side of Phoenix metro, has plenty in the way of flowing singetrack. It’s got all the best of the Sonoran Desert landscape (think giant saguaros) without as many rocks as you might find other places in the area.

Northern California

Foresthill Divide near Auburn, CA has a variety of trail experiences for any kind of rider. Try the Connector Trail for great views of Lake Clementine and super fun singletrack.


Wyoming State Parks is on a roll with building great trail systems throughout Wyoming. Curt Gowdy State Park, between Cheyenne and Laramie, has 20 miles of trails that showcase both the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains landscapes.

South Central

The Womble, a route that winds through the thick hardwoods and pines of the Ouachita National Forest, is an Arkansas adventure.

Upper Midwest

The upper Midwest flies under the radar when it comes to great mountain biking and Minneapolis ranks among the best in the country when it comes to singletrack near a major city. Lebanon Hills is a great place to start when jumping into the 100+ miles of trail found in the area.

Great Lakes

Brown Country State Park, located south of Indianapolis, is a key trail network in the recently recognized International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Bronze Ride Center. In addition to over 25 miles of the trail, the park is steeped in Civilian Conservation Corp history and at the center of a up and coming mountain bike community.


The James River Park System is at the core of a thriving outdoor community in Richmond, Virginia. The network connects the north and south sides of the river as well as Belle Island and Forrest Hill Park.


Warm Springs Ridge in southwestern Montana has a little bit of everything that a mountain bikers loves; big views, endless singletrack and plenty of solitude.

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