Bike commercials in Super Bowl 51

February 6, 2017

Sarah Braker, communications manager

Ford featured bikes in its 2017 Super Bowl commercial.

The Super Bowl is as much about football as it is about commercials. Fox charged between $5 and $5.5 million for a 30-second spot during this year’s game, which featured many of the major players we’re used to seeing every year (Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and yes, Budweiser, Coca-cola and car companies). We are always keeping an eye out for bikes in commercials, so in addition to watching for celebrity cameos or exciting new products, we focused our attention on cycling. Bicycle Retailer and Industry News conducted a poll to see how many commercials would feature bicycles this year. A majority of respondants guessed between zero and two ads. We watched carefully during breaks in the game and counted six. Here’s the rundown.


The biggest role for bikes came in this ad for Ford, in which the company repositions itself as a mobility company—a major shift for the 21st-largest company in the world. One of the mobility solutions they offer is bike sharing, complete with a shot of a Ford-branded bike share bike.


Another ad that featured bikes prominently was this CenturyLink commercial. It touts the company’s expanded fiber network by showing examples of people doing similar activities or tasks, including riding bikes, in different locales across the nation.

H&R Block

Bikes again appeared, this time in an H&R Block commercial announcing the company’s partnership with IBM. A teenager on a bike arrives on screen 44 seconds into this spot.

We were so serious about spotting bikes that we even caught a couple second-long cameos that the average viewer may have missed. We spotted bikes in a garage in an Amazon Prime commercial, bikes in the background shot of a Michelin Tires commercial and a bike against a wall in a McDonalds commercial. (If you count go karts and stationary bikes we’d be up to at least eight.)

What did you think of the bike appearances in Super Bowl commercials this year? Did we miss any bikes that you spotted? Tell us in the comments.

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