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July 23, 2013

Martha Roskowski

I?m pleased to announce that the Green Lane Project’s blog is moving into a higher gear.

For the past nine months, six brilliant bloggers have been reporting from the six cities involved in the Green Lane Project. They shared great posts that toured the country’s best downtown bikeway, examined innovative traffic separators and explained how bikes are part of revitalizing the country’s poorest big city. The insight into local progress was educational and inspiring. Now, we are broadening our scope to provide a more national overview, synthesizing progress across the country and sharing trends and insights as well as capturing local successes.

We have the perfect person to head up the effort: Michael Andersen, who has served as GLP’s Portland blogger, will be our lead writer and blog manager. A journalist for 10 years, he also works as news editor of We are delighted that he has joined our team.

He will track progress and lessons learned of our six cities (Chicago, Memphis, Washington, San Francisco, Austin and Portland) as they lay down the comfortable, physically separated bike lanes that make cities healthier, more economically productive, more globally competitive and more desirable. On his short-term agenda:

We?ll explain how Memphis bike coordinator Kyle Wagenschutz has turned private donations into federal grants into transformational progress in one of the cities that needs good biking most.

We?ll cover the latest research from Portland on the words that work best when talking to people about the benefits of bikes.

We?ll look at the economic benefits that convinced Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell that the best way to ?fix traffic? in his thriving city was to help more people avoid it completely.

We?ll use a new series, ?Tech Talk,? as a forum for bike planning professionals to exchange their ideas and problems about bikeway tips, tricks and design issues.

We?ll provide a weekly round-up of green lane-related news from around the country and the globe.

Our blogs will be more frequent and, we hope, more useful. You?ll see new posts most weekdays; some will be short and sweet, others long and thorough. You?ll see more voices as we actively recruit more experts to share their perspectives.

All of these changes are parts of a big plan.

Every day, more Americans are signing onto the green lane revolution. But our arguments need ammunition. This blog will use journalism to provide tools, talking points and totally true tales to help the elected officials who champion the projects, the city staffers who design and implement them and the country’s thousands of volunteer and professional bike advocates who support them. This means that following or reading this blog won’t be enough. For this project to help you work change in your community, we also need you to share these stories with people who need to hear them.

Protected lanes are popping up all over (yay for Atlanta), making biking around town a safe and alluring option for ever-more people. Bike share systems are changing the face of who rides bikes. Learn-to-ride classes are filling up quickly, and mayors are vying to make their cities the best for bicycling. We are thrilled to be part of the action.


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