July 24, 2013

Michael Andersen

First in a series on local bike media.

As we wrote yesterday, the Green Lane Project blog is kicking up a notch in order to share the wisdom about comfortable, prosperous streets that its six focus cities are developing.

But infrastructure is nothing without community. That’s why, for the next week, we’re taking a close look at the best local media &em; websites, social feeds, audio and more &em; that serves the bike community in each of our cities.

Let’s start with Austin.

Bike fun: Social Cycling Austin

The leading hub for bike fun in Austin is a very active Facebook page and is probably the single easiest way to get involved with Austin’s bike community.

Transportation advocacy: Bike Austin

Austin’s main advocates for bike transportation have news-rich website, Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can also see their news feed of recent links about bike news that interested the group.

General advocacy: Austin Cycling Association

This nonprofit focuses more on recreational cycling in news and conversation on its website and Facebook feed.

Inspiration and humor: Cycling Austin

This group’s website has a good list of upcoming rides and races, and its Facebook page specializes in funny and upbeat bike photos. There’s Twitter, too, but Facebook is where the action is.

The retail perspective: The Bicycle Sport Shop

Our favorite bike shop blog in town offers regular content and a nice mix of bike politics, news-you-can-use, product reviews and looks inside the shop. See also Facebook and Twitter.

Great bike photos: Prolly is not Probably

John Watson relocated from NYC to Austin in 2011 and brought his photo-centric site about bike equipment and events with him. He also sometimes posts about metal (the music, not the framebuilding material). See also Facebook and Twitter.

Bike policy with a geeky twist: Greg Griffin

Our favorite Austin-based bike tweeter is a transportation academic and planner with a yen for bikesharing and other gadget-ish transportation solutions.

Statewide scope: Bike Texas

Statewide advocacy group Bike Texas is based in Austin and keeps a web news blog and very active Twitter and Facebook streams.

Transpo reporting: Ben Wear

The American-Statesman’s transportation reporter covers every mode at both the state and local level, with an open attitude toward the way bikes fit in. If only he’d use his Twitter feed to actually link to his stories?

Water cooler: Bicycle Austin

A longtime local web forum that usually has a few active threads, this is a good place for bike users in Austin to ask practical questions of each other.

Racing central: Austin Tri Cyclist

Specialized bike shop blog by writer Kat Hunter does a great job covering triathalons and other central Texas races.

Women on wheels: Austin Bike Chix

Coordinating site for a social group of “fun females who like to ride bikes and help get others involved in bike riding!”

Personal policy: An Old Guy on 2 Wheels

Daily-ish updates from a grown-up bike lover and amateur builder, usually about bikes and often including his take on local bike news.

Mountain biking: AustinBike.com

A site mostly about regional mountain biking that sometimes dips into other issues.

One dude’s story: Bike Noob

A personal blog, mostly about recreational riding, by Ray Niekamp, whose secret is that he’s not a noob at all.

You can follow any of the Twitter users mentioned here, plus a few more, using our new curated list: Austin bike tweeps. Texas State Capitol photo by Bruce Turner.

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