Our Team

Meet the people behind PeopleForBikes

Based in Boulder, Colorado, our professional and talented staff is driven by their passion for getting more people on bikes more often. With a combined 134 years experience in bicycling advocacy, we are dedicated to ensuring safe and accessible riding options for all.

Tim Blumenthal – President

Tim is our head honcho. With a passion for bicycling that spans many decades and disciplines, Tim plots our strategic course and helps staff succeed in their efforts to make every American bike ride better. More on Tim here.

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Jenell Archer – Office Manager + Bookkeeper

Jenell keeps everything running smoothly in the office. She caught the cycling bug after a successful swimming career came to a close. She loves that everyone in the office is inspired and dedicated to making a difference in the bicycling world, and if she had a magic wand, every city would have a protected bike lane.

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Noa Banayan – Federal Affairs Manager

Noa manages PeopleForBikes’s federal engagement by shaping and advocating for policies on Capitol Hill that promote and fund better biking across America. She loves talking to lawmakers, regulators and their staff about bike policy and navigating the ever-changing political landscape in D.C. Noa wishes that more people realized how convenient, efficient, and fun it is to travel around D.C. by bike, which is, of course, her favorite place to ride.

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Jennifer Boldry, Ph.D. – Director of Research

Jennifer, or Doc B. as she’s called around these parts, aggregates, analyzes and reports on every facet of PeopleforBikes’ work. A self-proclaimed data geek, Doc B. loves that her work makes a real difference in the world, socially, environmentally and economically. She hopes to one day own a bike that would allow her to haul her 130 lb. dog with her on adventures.

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Eric Brodell – Business + Political Engagement Manager

Eric manages industry and political engagement at PeopleForBikes, which includes organizing DRAFT meetups as well as BikesPAC events and donations. Eric loves his job because he gets to work with a broad range of bike riders across the entire U.S. His passion for bike riding was piqued in his college years at Indiana University, where he worked in a bike shop and raced the Little 500.

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Alex Butterbrodt – Designer

Alex (or Butters as she’s known around the office) handles the graphic design elements of PeopleForBikes’ marketing and communications efforts.

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Melissa Cech – Marketing Manager

If she’s not riding down to the Boulder farmers market, Melissa is hard at work managing marketing for PlacesForBikes and the Better Bike Share Partnership. Her passion for the outdoors and constant desire to learn helps her advocate for better bicycling in communities big and small. Melissa believes bike riding is one of the most liberating hobbies in the world–all you need is an extra tube, water and a bunch of good snacks.

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Farrah Daniel – Writer, Better Bike Share Partnership

Farrah is in charge of all communications for the Better Bike Share Partnership. She’s eager to bring more awareness to bike share issues, plus tell new stories about developments in the community. She’ll soon be relocating to Boulder, Colorado and is excited to experiment with biking in a new city.

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Rebecca Davies – Network + Mapping Specialist

Rebecca wrangles maps and data to capture the state of bike riding across the U.S., measuring progress achieved and miles yet to cover. She loves the challenge of working at the intersection of technology, culture, politics, and the built environment. One of her best bike memories took place when she was a kid on vacation in Sunriver, Oregon. She and her sister and got lost while riding and a police officer found them and took them back home.

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Jenn Dice – Chief Operating Officer

Jenn directs our Business Network and government relations program. Jenn’s enthusiasm for bikes is evidenced by 10 (and counting) Leadville 100 buckles, two (and counting) Mount Kilimanjaro bike descents, and a career dedicated to making bicycling more accessible.

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Erik Esborg – Vice President of Finance

Erik is the man behind the curtain, managing finances and human resources at PeopleForBikes. When Erik’s not crunching numbers, he’s riding bikes, playing guitar, or dreaming of a day when he can do both at the same time.

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Rod Judd – Director of Membership + Development

Rod works closely with the organizations and individuals that enable PeopleForBikes to build better bike riding experiences for everyone. He loves the “people” aspect of PeopleForBikes — and the fact that bike advocacy often involves opportunities to get out and ride. Rod’s proudest biking accomplishment has been teaching his kids to ride and he wished that more people realized that bikes are ‘freedom machines,’ no matter your age, where you live or your riding ability.

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Zoe Kircos – Director of Grants and Partnerships

Zoe administers our Grant Programs, manages our national partnerships, strives to expand equitable access to bike share through the Better Bike Share Partnership, and works to secure funding for PeopleForBikes projects and programs. She enjoys supporting the committed, passionate and smart people trying to make their communities better through bicycling.

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Riley Lantz – Marketing Coordinator

Riley works to amplify the work of PeopleForBikes through social media and events. She enjoys sharing the joy of bike riding with others and in turn making the world a better place. Riley learned to ride as a child but didn’t touch a bike again until she was a junior in college. After several years of competing in triathlons, she now enjoys riding her bike for recreation and fun.

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Alex Logemann – Policy Counsel

Alex provides policy counsel on PeopleForBikes’ state and local monitoring program. A burrito-loving, Summit County-riding, karaoke-singing kind of guy, Alex loves that his work helps ensure manufacturers can keep making the bikes people love to ride and the products they love to use.

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Morgan Lommele – Director of State and Local Policy

Morgan manages the bike industry’s presence across the U.S. to ensure that new and existing laws and policies benefit bike riders, increase safe places to bike and grow the bike industry. Morgan has also led PeopleForBikes’ e-bike initiative for five years. Thanks to more than 10 years in cycling advocacy, Morgan has worked on state and local issues, and biked, in almost all 50 states. She is a daily e-bike commuter and life-long mountain biker.

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Ashley Seaward – Regulatory & Policy Analyst

Ashley helps make bike riding better by advocating for policies and measures that benefit and protect biking such as funding for trails, protected bike lanes, bike safety laws, and e-bikes. She loves riding her bike anywhere that’s close to the mountains and believes that improved bike policies can lead to the betterment of the world’s health, environment and communities.

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Sara Studdard – Deputy Director of Local Innovation

Sara helps plan and execute the PeopleForBikes’ efforts to build better bike infrastructure in the U.S. She especially enjoys the opportunities for relationship building in her position — and the fact that every meeting can be taken on a bike or by bike. Sara wishes that more people realized that it’s OK not to feel confident on a bike — and that you don’t need to be a highly skilled rider to enjoy riding. “Biking doesn’t define you. You define it.”

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JJ Trout – Director of Data + Technology

JJ manages all things on the data front for the PeopleForBikes Business Network. When she’s not leading the charge on databases, she can be found racing her two-wheel companion on dirt or winning mutton-busting competitions.

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Jordan Trout – Government Relations + Accounts Manager

Jordan joined PeopleForBikes because she sees the bike as a simple part of a solution to very complex problems and wanted to help make biking better across the country. She got her start biking thanks to her dad’s enthusiasm, and a need to commute to downtown Denver as painlessly as possible. Jordan works on government relations — connecting the bike industry with their elected officials, hosting fly-ins, and supporting the D.C. policy team. She also is a part of the Ride Spot team, experience managing retail to help shape the platform to get more people on bikes more often. When she’s not biking, she’s going to live music shows, traveling, sewing, and working on a novel.

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Kyle Wagenschutz – Director of Local Innovation

Kyle manages The Big Jump project here at PeopleForBikes. He works with city governments and local advocacy groups on improving conditions for bikes at the local level. Kyle’s favorite part about his work is meeting all the interesting people doing similar work in communities all around the world. He believes biking brings people together, no matter where they call home.

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