In 2019, PeopleForBikes helped secure $2.6 billion for parks, open space and trails, of which $1.5 billion was dedicated to bike projects.

2020 will be no different. States and municipalities across the country are advancing ballot measures that, if passed, would make investments in expanded bicycle infrastructure and improved quality and accessibility of places to ride. If you love bikes, use our resources and make a plan to vote!

For more information, contact PeopleForBikes Regulatory + Policy Analyst Ashley Seaward.



Napa County, CA – Measure K – $1,800,000 annually/$27,000,000 over 15 years – March 3 – NOT APPROVED (63% YES – 37% NO – required a two-thirds vote) A loss for bikes.

If approved, Measure K would have secured funding for the preservation of watersheds, rivers, lakes, open space and wildlife habitat and improve public access to the outdoors for the next 15 years. It was a 0.25% sales tax increase where 20% of the funds would have gone towards trails for bike riding.

Marinwood Community Services District, CA Measure G – $383,103 annually/$1,532,000 over 4 years – March 3 – APPROVED (72% YES – 28% NO) A win for bikes!

Measure G will authorize the district to continue to use its park tax revenue to pay for park, open space and street landscape maintenance services.

Marin and Sonoma County, CA – Measure I –  -$12,000,000 annually/-$360,000,000 over 30 years – March 3 – NOT APPROVED (54% YES – 46% NO – required a two-thirds vote) A win for bikes!

If approved, Measure I would have eliminated the voter approved plans to finish building the North-South Greenway, a bike/pedestrian path that would connect residents from Cloverdale to Larkspur. The cost to complete is project is estimated to be $35- $40 million, which could be completed if residents vote in favor of the greenway.

Contra Costa County, CA – Measure J – $10,000,000 annually/$350,000,000 over 35 years – March 3 – NOT APPROVED (49% YES – 51% NO) A loss for bikes.

If approved, Measure J would have prioritized bike riding as one way to reduce overall transportation emissions and improve air quality. This initiative was a 1/2 cent sales tax increase to help fund Contra Costa’s transportation system, including the build-out of a network of safe bike routes.



Collier County, FL – Conservation Collier renewal – $28,700,000 annually/$287,000,000 over 10 years – Nov. 3 (A possible win for bikes!)

If approved, the Conservation Collier program would be renewed. This program helps preserve environmentally sensitive areas that include trails for bike riding.



Ingham County, MI – Trails and Parks Millage Renewal – $3,841,444.00 annually/$23,048,664 over 6 years – March 10 – APPROVED (74% YES – 26% NO) A win for bikes!

This measure will fund the creation and maintenance of a countywide system of recreational trails and adjacent parks — including along Lansing’s River Trail — and find new ways to connect and extend existing trailways throughout Greater Lansing and beyond.



Portland, OR – Gas Tax Renewal – $1,800,075 annually/ $7,500,000 over 4 years – May 19 (A possible win for bikes!)

If approved, the renewal of a 10 cent gas tax would fund $75,000,000 towards improving Portland’s streets by making them safer for all road users. Included in this measure is $6,000,000 for Safe Routes to School projects and $1,500,000 for sidewalk and bike lane improvements.

Bend, OR – General Obligation (GO) for safe travel and traffic improvements – $3,015,750 annually/$36,189,000 over 12 years – May 19 (A possible win for bikes!)

If approved, the General Obligation (GO) would improve bike and pedestrian safety throughout the City of Bend by constructing projects such as protected bike lanes and safer intersection crossings.


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