2019 is shaping up to be an impressive year for bikes. States and municipalities across the country gearing up to vote on measures that would invest in the expansion of bicycle infrastructure and improve the quality and accessibility of places to ride bikes. We encourage you to vote on these measures.

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Fall Ballot Measures



King County, WA – Proposition 1 – $810,000,000 between 2020 and 2025 – Aug. 6 – PASSED (68%-32%)

Prop 1 would fund parks, recreation, trails and open space throughout the county. If passed, this funding would benefit everyone in King County by providing more spaces to get outdoors that are both safe and comfortable.

Statewide  – Initiative 976 $4,000,000 – Nov. 5

If approved by voters, this measure would limit license fees for vehicles weighing under 10,000 pounds to $30; base vehicle taxes on the Kelley Blue Book value rather than 85% of the manufacturer’s base suggested retail price; and repeal authorization for certain regional transit authorities, such as Sound Transit, to impose motor vehicle excise taxes. These changes would decrease Washington’s funding for transportation improvements, including bike and pedestrian infrastructure, by $4 million annually.


North Carolina

Town of Cary, NCGeneral obligation bond referendum – $112,900,000 for parks and recreation (77%-23%) – $113,000,000 for transportation (80%-20%) – Oct. 8 – PASSED

If passed, this bond referendum would improve the Town of Cary’s transportation infrastructure and improve its parks and recreation needs, including preserving open space and creating greenways and trails that improve the city’s bike connectivity. These improvements would benefit people who rides bikes and the community as a whole.



Scottsdale, AZ  – Question #2: Community Spaces and Infrastructure$112,300,000 – Nov. 5

If voted in favor by Scottsdale residents, the Community Spaces and Infrastructure bond measure would fund the construction of a second bridge over the Reata Pass Wash that will consist of two full travel lanes and a bike lane in each direction. In addition to other roadway improvements, this bond would help make Scottsdale’s roads safer for all road users.



Statewide  – Question 1 – $105 million – Nov. 5

If approved by voters, this measure would authorize $105 million in general obligation bonds for transportation infrastructure projects, $15 million of that would go towards facilities and equipment related to freight and passenger railroads, transit, ports, marine transportation, aviation, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

Scarborough, ME  – Question 3 – $2.5 million – Nov. 5

If passed, Question 3 would approve a $2.5 million bond to renew the Land Acquisition Reserve Fund. The fund is maintained by the town to purchase land, conserve open space, provide public access and recreation, and protect wildlife habitat, scenic, and environmentally sensitive areas. This means that the city could put more funds towards outdoor areas where residents can go bike riding.



Portland, OR – Parks and nature bond measure – $138,000,000 – November 5

If approved by Portland residents, this bond measure would provide funding for county, town, city and district parks. It will improve open space, trails, and recreation to advance Metro’s commitment to racial equity, making sure all people benefit from investments in parks and nature.



Statewide – Proposititon 5 – 6.25% sporting goods sales tax would go towards parks and bikes – November 5

If passed, Prop. 5 would ensure that all sales tax revenue (6.25%) from sporting good sales would go to the Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission. In 2018, $322 million was raised in revenue from this tax. These funds would improve Texas’ parks and create more fun and comfortable places for residents to walk and bike.



Tulsa, OKImprove Our Tulsa$639,000,000 infrastructure package, $87,700,000 towards bikes – November 12

If passed, this infrastructure package would improve the city of Tulsa’s streets, parks, city facilities and emergency departments. The measure would benefit bikes by setting aside funds specifically for bike lanes and improving several parks throughout the city where bike riders of all ages can ride.



Spring Ballot Measures



Jupiter, FLResolution #85-18$20,000,000 – March 12 – PASSED (74%-25%)

Resolution #85-18 is a Land Acquisition Program will increase funding for waterfront, recreational and open space lands — areas that all cyclists in Jupiter can enjoy.

Hollywood, FLGO Bond: Parks, Open Space, Recreational and Cultural Facilities$64,000,000 – March 12 – PASSED (58%-42%)

This measure will revitalize the Orangebrook Golf & Country Club, including the creation of a 23-acre nature reserve path for biking.



Gwinnett County, GA – Transportation (MARTA) referendum $5,500,000,000 – March 19 – 
FAILED (54%-46%)

The MARTA referendum would have funded $5.5 billion towards transportation throughout the county, aiding in the creation of better bike infrastructure for its residents.



New Orleans, LA – Parks & Recreation referendum – 2019 Capital and Operating Budgets$6,590,000 – May 4 – PASSED (76%-24%)

This measure will allocate funding towards improving, maintaining and operating parks and recreational facilities, which would improve the Audubon neighborhood’s park systems and public spaces for biking.



Columbus, OH Issue 8$100,000,000 – May 7 – PASSED (77%-23%)

Issue 8 will fund $100 million towards improving parks and recreation for activities such as biking.

Gahanna, OH – Income tax 75% of 2.5% income tax will go towards parks, recreation & trails – May 7 – PASSED (81%-19%)

This income tax increase will benefit Gahanna residents by generating new funding for the city’s parks, recreation, trails and associated facilities.



El Paso, TXProposition A May 4 – PASSED (88%-11%)

Prop 5 will preserve 1,107 acres of land including the Lost Dog Trail from private development and roadways. The Lost Dog Trail is popular among mountain bikers.

McKinney, TXProposition C $91,000,000 – May 4 – PASSED  (63%-37%)

Prop C will allocate $91 million towards the renovation and expansion of existing parks as well as the acquisition of property for future parks, a win that would benefits New Orlean cyclists into the future.

Garland, TX Proposition D $117,750,000 – May 4 – PASSED (60%-40%)

Prop D will create new trails that bike riders in Garland can enjoy. This update to the city’s park system would benefit current bike riders and encourage more residents to go out and ride.

Frisco, TXProposition E$53,000,000 – May 4 – PASSED (67%-33%)

Prop E will help fund the expansion of the community’s parks, trails and open space.



Lake Oswego, OR – Bonds for Open Space, Parks and Recreation Land and Facilities– $30,000,000 – May 21 – PASSED (62%-38%)

Lake Oswego will issue up to $30 million in bonds to acquire property for open space or parks, or to improve recreation facilities.




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