Newspaper boy

Dean Williams – Santa Rosa, CA

Newspaper boy

I learned to ride a two wheel bike the old fashioned way with no training wheels and no helmet when I was around six years old. By the mid 60s, when I was about 10 to 13, I managed a newspaper route and delivered papers from my bike in the afternoons / evenings. This was in Palm Springs, CA. The weather was quite hot during summer months. I had a transistor radio mounted on my handle bars. The first time I heard “Light my fire” by the Doors was on one of those hot summer delivery rides!

I have always loved riding bikes. I would ride my bike to and from school, baseball practice and games with my glove strapped through the handlebars, visit friends, trips to the store. I have no memory of needing to lock a bike back then. Maybe foggy memory on that? I had a Schwinn two speed that I loved. You change gears by lightly applying the pedal brakes.

Over the years I have always enjoyed the freedom I feel biking.

Today, I ride and enjoy a hybrid e-bike. It helps me with the hills and riding against the wind, etc. I love the freedom from the car, the fitness benefits and being closer to people I meet on the streets. I belong to the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition. I enjoy reporting road hazards to the Coalition and the satisfaction I feel when they get fixed!

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