Silence is not an option.

Racism and bigotry are unacceptable in America — unacceptable anywhere. Recent events have brought into greater focus that we, as a nation, have fundamentally failed to address the long-term problems of systemic racial injustice, police brutality and white supremacy. As we deal with the harsh health and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that we must immediately and dramatically increase our commitment to respect, diversity, equity and inclusion. Unprecedented action and unity are required.

We are part of the problem. We deeply regret that it took until now for us to speak up.

As one of the nation’s leading bicycle advocacy organizations with both business and individual supporters, PeopleForBikes needs to do more to serve, support and unify America. 

The bike industry and individual bike riders are appropriately looking to us for leadership. We know that many uncomfortable conversations will be required. 

The bike industry and PeopleForBikes have done a bad job of promoting bicycling to diverse audiences. We’ve also struggled to find, hire and promote people of color and varying backgrounds who fully reflect the fabric of our nation. 

We support the development of equitable access for everyone to safe bike networks that connect to jobs, education and other important services. We know we need to contribute more to this goal, and we believe this work will enhance opportunities, increase social justice and build community.

We need to help break down barriers that currently stop black and brown people from moving around safely in their own hometowns. Sadly, for many, bike safety means more than worrying about cars — it includes the fear of racial profiling, assault, or worse.

We are committed to working in all of our areas of influence with our partners on the federal level, in local government, the bike industry, bike share and transportation and recreation advocates. 

We need to listen and learn. We don’t have all the answers, but we know we need to do more and  do better. For those whose voices have been silenced in the past, we hear you, and we’re listening. We are in it for the long haul and are committed to the hard work that will help our nation move forward, together. 

– The PeopleForBikes team