We want to help build a responsible, respectful user base of eMTB riders who ride on trails that are clearly open to eMTBs. That means motorized singletrack, doubletrack, primitive roads, and other areas that are open to motor vehicles, or that allow eMTBs on non-motorized bicycle trails. And while we’d love to be on the ground advocating for eMTB access, we rely on local advocates to help promote eMTBs and decide, with land management agencies, where they belong. We advocate for local-level decisions on where eMTBs should and should not be allowed, so use the playbook below for a step by step guide to advocating for eMTB access.

Find a Great Ride

  • Our eMTB Map will help you find a places to ride all across the U.S., with more than 42,000 miles of fun rides catalogued (and a form to suggest more rides).
  • National Recreation Trails Database Search Results (not maintained by PeopleForBikes, but a good resource for trails open to motorized use)

City “Where to Ride” eMTB Guides

eMTB Ride Guides (booklets with mapped trails in destination areas)

eMTB Adventures (destination-worthy rides across the U.S.  )

Advocate for eMTB Access

  • eMTB Playbook: Become an advocate for sensible eMTB access
  • eMTB Trail Etiquette Guidelines
  • Paul Willerton’s “eBikes Unplugged: Finding Electric Mountain Bike Rides, Climbing Technique, & Trail Etiquette” Video

Great Rides to Explore your Federal Lands