Our Work

PeopleForBikes was created by the bike industry to get more people riding more often and to build a powerful national voice for better bicycling in America.

We focus our efforts into three categories:

Government funding and policy at the federal, state and local levels

Our D.C. team influences policymaking to ensure that bikes and the bike industry stay at the forefront of congressional agendas. We monitor all 50 state legislatures and mobilize retailers to connect with government leaders. In 2013, we launched our Business Network to lead with the voice of business and tell the story of the U.S. bicycle industry to key decision makers.


Developing safe and appealing places for bikes such as protected bike lanes, multi-use paths and bike parks is more important than ever. Our Green Lane Project, which we launched in 2012, has evolved into PlacesForBikes. This initiative offers a data-driven, easy-to-understand city rating system, expert guidance, and an inspiring annual conference for city and business leaders–all geared toward quickly building and connecting great places to ride. We’ve also awarded more than $3 million in cash grants to support 350+ projects in all 50 states.

Inspiring people to ride

We create awareness campaigns each year with the goal of getting more people on bikes. We also encourage individuals to tell their personal stories of how bicycling has made their lives better. Through our blog, videos and social media channels we connect with all types of riders all across the U.S.